Going for gold

Going for gold

Going for gold

Millie is going for gold

Our young swimmer Millie is an athlete of great potential, at 10 years old she is sometimes limited in the events she can enter,as she is too fast for her age and too young to enter some events! The Foundation are very excited about her prospects and can see a golden future for her.

Millie’s practice timetable is worthy of praise swimming for 14 hours per week in the early hours of the morning before school her dedication is truly impressive.

Millie in 2016 was promoted to the National Development Group (aka 'the nationals'!). This means that she is required to have one National Swimming time (any stroke/distance) to remain in the group. Millie has 2 Qualifying Times and still only 10!

Andy Shuter, Founder of the F and I Foundation said. “Millies achievements this year have really encompassed and caught the spirit of the foundation, hard work dedication combined with the opportunities the Foundation can provide can really help our young athletes to achieve their dreams, The Foundation is very much looking forward to Millie’s progress in 2017.

Mark Duncan Millie's father added, “the foundation has been brilliant and played a big part in Millie’s development helping out with travel and accommodation throughout 2016. Many thanks to the Foundation for the support we have received”

Here are some of Millie’s highlights this year:

  • January First attempt at Cheshire County Championships, held at Macclesfield over 3 weekends, Achieved -  9 golds, 1 silver
  • February Millie was selected to participate in the annual external Club training week at Igor, Hungary, in an Olympic size pool. This was funded by the foundation. Training consisted of 2 sessions per day on a regimental basis with defined 'rest' periods.
  • March City of Birmingham Easter Meet, 5 golds, 4 silver, 1 bronze
  • July Rotherham Metro Gala - 5 golds
  • October Liverpool District Gala - 8 golds, 2 silver
  • November City of Liverpool County Qualifier, 3 golds, 2 silver, 1 gold
  • December Wirral Metro Xmas Gala - 3 golds, 1 silver, 1 bronze

Coming in 2017

Defending her 8 titles at the County Championships in January

As Millie, will be 11 in January she will be able lots more competitive galas such as

  • Edinburgh Intl Meet
  • ASA National Meets

Improving her ASA rankings so she is in the Top 24 swimmers of every event/distance as this determines entry into the British Championships when she is 13.

Posted on Wednesday 21st December 2016


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